Infant Vitamins and their Importance.

When it comes to infants,,,breast milk usually provides all that a baby needs. This is usually the case with the exception of Vitamin D.  This usually stays true until the child gets to be ages 4 to 6 when their dietary and physical needs change. The foods go from majority liquid to a more solid nature. The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that you give your breastfed baby 400 IU per day of Vitamin D. This should start within the first few days of life. Since the human body produces Vitamin D after exposure to the sun you can see why infants are at a disadvantage in this case. Since most infants don’t sunbath their intake of Vitamin D must come from another source. Infants also need an intake of  other vitamins like B12 and DHA an important Omega 3. In these cases if they have not gotten these sources from the mother they need to soon be incorporated into the infants diet.

by John Sangiuolo

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